Role Call : Engine Fusion! Engine-O Tune up! Go-on!

Engine Gattai Engine-O is formed when Speedor, Buson and Bear RV combine. Referred to as the "King of Engines". It's main finisher is Go-on Grand Prix,charging the enemy at fullspeed with its Go-on Sword,landing the deathblow as it moves past. It has the V Shield. With GunBir-O and SeiKuu-O, it can perform Go-onger Storm,Triple Punchand and Grand Prix Festival.

Other FormEdit

Engine-O Birca and Engine-O GunpherdEdit

With Birca, Engine-O becomes Engine-O Birca , using the Bircutter in its Bircutter Slash attack.With Gunpherd, Engine-O becomes Engine-O Gunpherd , using the Gunpherd Gun in its Gunpherd Gunfire attack.

Engine-O Jetriptor and Engine-O JetorasEdit

With Jetras and Toripter at the same time, Engine-O becomes Engine-O Jetriptor,using its right arm's Toripter Rotor for defensive/offensive attacks while its left arm is used as the Jetras Bow in the attack.When armed with Jetras only, Engine-Oh becomes Engine-O Jetoras.When armed with Jetoras only, Engine-Oh becomes Engine-O Jetoras.It fires the Go-On Sword with Jetras' bow.

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