Role Call : Shinkenmaru



Secret Katana Shinkenmaru is the primary sidearm of the Shinkenger, they are activated by taking any of the black Secret Disks from inside the belt buckle and attaching it to the katana's hilt. Using a personal Secret Disk allows them to execute the attack called the Sprial Sword, activating their individual elemental power. By spinning the Secret Disk, the Shinkenmaru acts as a praxinoscope and it powers up depending on the disk itself

Used ByEdit

  • Takeru Shiba,ShinkenRed (With Common Disk,Lightning Disk,Shishi Disk,Tora Disk,Kyoryu Disk and Ushi Disk)
  • Ryuunosuke Ikenami,ShinkenBlue (With Common Disk,Ryuu Disk and Kajiki Disk)
  • Mako Shiraishi,ShinkenPink (With Common Disk and Kame Disk)
  • Chiaki Tani,ShinkenGreen (With Common Disk,Kuma Disk and Kabuto Disk)
  • Kotoha Hanaori,ShinkenYellow (With Common Disk and Saru Disk)